Round 5: Brave Valiant Warriors Wanted

Our round 5’s world is about an experience to be warriors who fight monsters. We used Cave as our game’s platform which can hold multiple people in a time. Three players are encouraged to enjoy our game. One player are expected to be a driver who will control the direction. The other player need to use sword to fight monster, the other one need to use magic shield to reflect the attack from monster.

I was in a five-person team in Round 5 . There were 2 programmers, 2 artists and a sound designer in team. I was a programmer to develop the game mechanic and in charged of the play test.

I worked as tool engineer in this project. I helped the other programmer by building what he needs. For example, I was in charged of the enemy generator and some mechanic of boss fighting. To make the co-work smoother, I spent a lot of time to communicate with others. We got together and discuss the level design and fighting mechanic.

Also, I spent lots of time to testing our game. Cave is a really special platform. We can not spent much time to test games in the Cave room due to the shortage of equipment. To make our work more efficient, We built other tools to help us test better with our own computer.