Round 3: Asymmetrical Robot Fighting Game

Our Round 3’s platform is Kinect. Our game aims to make the two players cooperate together. One is in charged of the showing the right position to aim right to the weakness. The other is in charged of supporting the robot with loading missile, calling for help and so on.

I was in a five-person team in Round 3. There were 2 programmers, 2 artists and a sound designer in team. I was a programmer to develop the game mechanic.

I was responsible to develop some game features. For example, to finish the shield feature, not only do I need to finish the mechanic code writing, but also to finish the shield visual effect. I worked as a tool engineer to build the perfect game feature for others.

This round is a one week lightning round. I gained valuable experience in building rapid prototype and communicating with others. Everyone felt overwhelmed during this round because we didn’t have much time to polish our game. As a result, we made a great work due to a better work pattern.