Commit 2 the bits

Commit 2 the Bits is an interdisciplinary team of 5 from Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center. In this faculty pitch project, we aim to incorporate the rhythm of a full improv show on Twitch. In doing this, we intend to develop technical toolkits that will ensure running smooth improv shows, identifying and building Audience Participatory Games interactions and mechanisms, and testing those through weekly improv shows. 

Here’s the Project website

Project outline

Project Overview

During the period of Covid-19, we made some designs to support the show running in a virtual way. Since the actors cannot come to our project room, we held a Skype call and caught the NDI source in the Streamlabs. In the meanwhile, the host would use our streaming toolkit to control the show performance.

Our design during the COVID – 19

Tech Design

In commit 2 the bits, I was working as a software development engineer to design and development technical toolkits for a better twitch improv show experience. So I would like to talk more about my job.

Streaming Tech design

We design the Unity toolkit in 2 part. One is the client application working as a End-effect supporter. The other is the server side working as the control panel.

I mainly worked in the Client side and helped to update the server side as well.

To meet the demand of our show, I implemented several functions in the client/overlay application, such as the showing audio and visual effect with hot keys and building real time connection with Twitch channel comment area by using Twitchlib package.

The audience reaction function

To realize the networking between the Unity server and client, I used the Unity networking. Some certain type of messages were used to send commands from server to client. Some C# features like delegate and events are used to deal with the messages and the methods to be triggered.

Beyond the Unity development, I was also working on the Streamlabs scenes setting and the video call researching.


Working in Commit 2 the bits was an important experience for me. Although some of our plans are affected by the pandematic of Covid – 19, I still have a lot of opportunities to enrich my developing and tech designing skills. We are very happy to work together (remotely) and be able to help improv group to keep surving during this very uncertain period.