Building Virtual Worlds

Building Virtual Worlds is one of core courses in Carnegie Mellon University Entertainment Technology Center.

It was pioneered by ETC co-founder Randy Pausch, Building Virtual Worlds (BVW) challenges students to work quickly, creatively and collaboratively. Part of the immersion semester, BVW gives small teams of students two weeks to create a virtual world, with new groups and goals for each round. It all culminates in a public festival to hundreds of spectators – and an incredible sense of accomplishment. In fact, many BVW ideas go on to become full-time research projects, student spin-offs and commercial successes.

My role in BVW is working as a programmer on five-person team to build an entertainment experience. My task Included implementing game projects through prototyping, development and collaboration with sound designers, artists and programmers and Designing game mechanics and interactions.

Here is each world which I participated in. Clicks picture to see the detail about it.

Round 1: hair-ifying
Round 2: Musica
Round 3: Asymmetrical Robot Fighting Game
Round 4: Bubbles
Round 5: Brave Valiant Warriors Wanted